General Assembly About

The General Assembly of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization shall consist of representatives of all Member States of the Organization and shall be represented at the ministerial level (Ministers in charge of Civil Aviation) or their representative.

Mode of operation

  • The Presidency of the General Assembly of the Member States shall be rotated in alphabetical order and the term of office shall be two years.
  • The General Assembly shall hold a regular session every two years and the meeting shall be valid in the presence of the majority of the Member States.
  • The Assembly may hold extraordinary sessions at the request of a member state and according to the approval of the members of the Assembly or the Executive Council. The President of the General Assembly shall determine the time and place of the meeting in consultation with the Director General of the Organization.
  • The General Assembly may by its decision hold its session elsewhere outside the Headquarters of the Organization.
  • Each Member State shall have one vote.
  • Decisions and recommendations shall be made by a majority vote of the attending members, unless otherwise provided.

Terms of Reference:

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Organization and may take such decisions and actions as may be necessary to achieve the purposes of the Organization within the limits of this Agreement, in particular:

  • Election of the members of the Executive Council.
  • Election of the Director General and termination of his service in accordance with the regulations of the Arab League.
  • Approval of plans programs and budget of the Organization every two years and its presentation to the Coordination and Follow-up Committee for adoption by the Economic and Social Council.
  • Adoption of the organization´s organizational framework and its submission to the Economic and Social Council for ratification.
  • Approval of the implementation of permanent and temporary committees and their recommendations.
  • Establishment of the centers and branches of the Organization, subject to the approval of the Economic and Social Council.
  • Study and approval of the reports prepared by the Executive Council and the Director General of the Organization and issuance of appropriate guidance.
  • Amendment of the Organization´s Agreement by a two-thirds majority of Member States.
  • Approval of the admission of new members to the organization with the approval of two-thirds of the members.
  • Approval of the dissolution of the organization.
  • Establishment of the foundations of cooperation between the Organization and the States, Committees and Organizations at the Arab, Regional and International levels.
  • Acceptance of aid donations and grants to the organization.
  • Approval of projects required to develop the objectives of the organization
  • Adoption of the draft agenda.
  • Transfer of the permanent headquarters of the Organization with the approval of two thirds of the members of the General Assembly.
  • Appointment of a Legal Auditor and termination of his service