The Executive Council shall consist of nine members elected by the General Assembly among the candidates of the Member States for a term of two years and each member shall have one vote.

Members of the Executive Council shall be designated among the heads and directors of civil aviation or senior officials of the civil aviation authorities of the Member States who have the appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of civil aviation in order to perform their duties.

The Executive Council shall elect amidst its members a Chairman and a Vice-President for a term of two years.

The President and Vice President shall be presidents or directors-general of civil aviation or a person holding an equivalent position.

Operating mode:

The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence. The President and Vice-Chairmen may not be re-elected for more than one term.

To report on the Organization and the results achieved to the General Assembly.

The President shall convene the Executive Council.

The Executive Council shall meet at least twice a year at the headquarters of the Organization upon the invitation of its President or the Director General of the Organization. Meetings may be held in one of the Member States and with the approval of the majority of the members of the Board. The notice shall specify the agenda, date and place of the meeting.

Proposing the appointment of the Director General of the Organization or termination of his service.

The meeting of the Executive Board shall be valid in the presence of the ordinary majority of its members and shall issue its recommendations and resolutions by the majority of the attending.

The Director General of the Organization shall attend the meetings of the Executive Council.

Terms of Reference:

The Executive Board shall serve as the Board of Directors of the Organization and works towards the achievement of its objectives, in particular:

  • Propose and present the programs of the Organization to the General Assembly.

  • Set the bylaws of the Council and propose them to the General Assembly.

  • Propose the draft budget of the organization and submit it to the General Assembly for approval.

  • Discuss the final account of the organization and present it to the Assembly for approval.

  • Study and approve the annual reports submitted by the General Directorate of the Organization on its operations and the implementation of its activities, means of expenditure and the suggested guidelines.

  • Follow up the implementation of the General Assembly resolutions and monitor the implementation of the Organization´s plans and programs.

  • Take all means to achieve the objectives of the Organization and develop the services it provides.

  • Proposal for the establishment of branches and centers of the Organization.

  • Propose the implementation of permanent and temporary committees.

  • Propose to hold an extraordinary session of the General Assembly.

  • Propose the draft agenda of the General Assembly.

  • Report on the Organization´s activity to the General Assembly.

  • Invite any person of its choice to attend the meetings

Consider any issue brought to its attention by the Director General.